Überlauf by Atheist rap

Author: Davor Bijelic

It has been more than a year since Serbian punk-rock band Atheist Rap played their last show in Zagreb, and it has been almost five years since they released a full-length album. On November 27, in Vintage Industrial Bar, Radule, Pop and the crew will finally play in front of the Croatian audience, and promote their long-awaited, sixth studio album titled Überlauf.

The new album will be released by Belgrade publishing house Lampshade, and all songs will be available for free download. Also, Atheist Rap will play some new and lots of well-known hits such as Wartburg limuzina, Fatamorgana, Blu Trabant, Tetoviranje, and many more. Atheist Rap were officially formed in 1989, and in more than 25 years, the band has released five excellent albums, Maori i Crni Gonzales (1992), Ja eventualno bih ako njega eliminišete (1996), 2 liga zapad (1998), Osveta Crnog Gonzalesa (2005), and Priče matorih pokvarenjaka (2009). Their songs become punk classics in all the Western Balkan countries, and they are have always been well accepted by the audience. The role of the opening act was entrusted to the local punk forces, Fast Response, who will present their new EP “Homeless by Choice”. After the concert the party continues with a Green Day Vs. The Offspring DJ set. The club opens at 8:30 pm and the show is expected to start around 10 pm. You can buy tickets for 40 HRK in Dirty Old Shop (Tratinska 18), Dallas Music Shop (Tkalčićeva 7) or you can buy them directly at the club entrance – Vintage Industrial Bar (Savska 160). On the day of the concert, the price will go up to 50 HRK.