UNICEF Museum of Reality in the Grič Tunnel

Visitors to this year’s UNICEF Museum of Reality will experience a special edition of this popular concept. After three years of being held in the Museum of Illusions, from 1st to 11th December the Museum of Reality will turn the Grič Tunnel into a path through reality where anyone can make a change.
As part of the Advent in Zagreb program, the Museum of Reality will be hosted for the first time in the famous Zagreb tunnel, where it will reveal a unique interactive story. Fascinating installations, virtual reality and “live exhibits” will present visitors with different experiences of the reality of the lives of children in Croatia and around the world.
The message of this year’s edition is that the most precious thing in life is not a “thing”. This reminds us that that the most valuable thing we have in life is not material. The most precious thing in most people’s lives is our family, made up of the people who stand by us and give us support, security and love. The family realities in which children live differ, depending on their place of birth and on the circumstances in which they grow up. Some are born into and grow up in their biological family while others acquire a family through various life situations.
By taking a walk through the reality tunnel, get to know some ordinary and some unusual family stories, find out what connects a family from Kaštel and one from Bangladesh, and how they are connected to families in Nepal. Leaf through the infinite family album, remind yourselves of the real values in life, and be a part of change for the better.
All visitors who will “turn on the light” in Grič Tunnel during their visit will support UNICEF’s “Every child needs a family” campaign, and thus help provide foster care for children without adequate parental care. The exhibits of this year’s Museum of Reality can be seen in Grič Tunnel in Zagreb from Saturday, December 1st to Tuesday December 11th. Entrance is free for all visitors.