Unlock Zagreb – Explore the City in an Unforgettable Outdoor Adventure

Explore the secrets of Zagreb in an unforgettable outdoor adventure – Unlock Zagreb!

Unlock Zagreb is an outdoor adventure game that will take you through the old town centre where six fun challenges await. The game will guide you through the city and uncover forgotten parts of its past.

Your mission: Save the princess Ružica!

Have you ever heard of the Bloody Bridge? It was named after fierce battles between two neighbouring cities, the Bishop’s Kaptol, and the free royal city of Gradec. The Bloody Bridge also hides a few more stories, the one about knight Pave Slavinić & princess Ružica. Take the streets of Zagreb and go on the paths of a brave knight who had to go through a torrid way to save his beloved.

Do you dare to solve the six knightly challenges and find out if you have the virtues of the true knight?

You only have 60 minutes before the evil Duke Grdun takes the princess Ružica. Hurry!

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