Vinart Grand Tasting in Lauba

Wine festival with a substantial selection of wineries and wines Vinart Grand Tasting will be held on Friday and Saturday, March 1-2, in Lauba.

Vinart Grand Tasting brings together the most widely recognized practices from the world of wine festivals and it is, at the same time, innovative. Fully devoted to quality, it is an ‘invitation only’ type of festival where years of our meticulous work and exploration went into picking what organizers believe to be frontrunners of all styles and price ranges that can be found in Croatian market and inviting them to exhibit their wine.

The festival is designed for experts, industry folk and wine lovers to all congregate together and share the same passion. Visitors have opportunity to talk to the winemakers and walk in an unhurried manner around the stalls. The Festival also has a pop-up wine shop where you can purchase the wines you like.

Entrance fee is 150 kn and includes a 40 kn voucher for Pop-up Wine Shop or taxi ride.