Vintage Radiofest at Technical Museum

The Vintage Radiofest exhibition will be held at the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum in Zagreb from 10 to 14 July, 2019. The exhibition of old vintage radios opens on Nikola Tesla’s birthday on July 10th.

Collector, organizer and exhibition initiator Duško Cvetojević Didi pointed out that visitors will be able to see and hear more than 200 radios in excellent condition. Every exhibit is interesting in its own way, and the oldest radio at the exhibition will be Ducrete from 1926. The exhibition aims to show how old companies and craftsmen used to produce quality products and analogue technology that still works today.

Radio connects people and nations, and so, as Cvetojević said, the message of exhibition is coexistence, mutual tolerance and unity in diversity. He also mentioned that Zagreb has a rich history of radio industry, the oldest radio station in this part of South East Europe – Radio Zagreb.

At the opening of the exhibition, on July 10 at 6 pm, there’ll be held a small concert of Croatian band Teška industrija, Gelato Sisters, Johnny And His Rockin ‘Tunes, Telefon Blues Band and the old Zagreb DJs. The entrance is free!