Zagreb Meets Dubrovnik: Folklore Ensemble Lado presents Dubrovacke Kontradanse

When most people think about Dubrovnik and its dance tradition, they will think of a fast dance called Linđo. But just a few of them will remember that except Linđo, Dubrovnik has yet another remarkable dance called Dubrovacke kontradanse – a dance in two facing lines, mostly performed in Dubrovacko Primorje and Zupa Dubrovacka.

Lado, a professional folklore ensemble from Zagreb hasn’t forgotten about it. On Thursday, 3rd of December, at 1 pm, this world-known ensemble will present Dubrovacke kontradanse as a part of their new dance routine to the Zagreb audience. On this occasion, Lado’s choreographer, professor Branko Šegović, has chosen the two most popular kontradanse – Victoria (Victory) and Ragusea – two dances that emphasize loveliness and grace of female dancers, but also the manners and refined style of male performers.

The music for the dance is made by a famous Croatian professional, Sinisa Leopold, who expressed life in the Croatian south with a tamburica orchestra, while Lidija Fištrek made authentic costumes. So through this artistic choreography, we are very sure, you will be able to see a small fragment of Dubrovnik’s rich tradition, to get to know its citizens, and feel the spirit of the Pearl of the Adriatic.