Whitesnake: Rock Legends asked for healthy food and organic honey

The British rock legends Whitesnake, followed by the American super group The Dead Daisies, will perform today at Drazen Petrovic hall. David Coverdale are ready for the show and they did not have any special requirements.

Their wish list concerned food and drink mostly available in Zagreb. They insist on a healthy diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits, and local organic honey. They are very interested in trying Karlovacko beer, but also in tasting high quality Croatian red and white wines. Given that they are bringing a lot of equipment with them that will be placed on the stage as big as 18×12 meters they are asking for 16 stage workers and 2 drivers in vehicles not older than two years.
Around 30 people will be staying in the dressing rooms of Cibona hall, and besides the standard requirements they requested a TV in the dressing room on which they could watch current sport programs.

The doors of Cibona will open at 7 pm. The group Dead Daisies will start at 8:25 pm, and Whitesnake led by David Coverdale will begin at 9:30 pm.

The official after party of the concert will be held at the Vintage Industrial Bar. Admission is free for all who have a ticket for the concert in Cibona.

The tickets for the ground floor are 199 kn, for stands 220 kn, for the fan pit are 240 kn and 300 kn for VIP. Tickets available at Eventim and on www.eventim.hr.