With Monoplay- Festival of Solo, Zadar Becomes the Center of Contemporary Dance in August

10th edition of the Festival of Contemporary Dance – ‘Monoplay’ will be held at several locations in Zadar from 20th till 24th of August. During the five days of the festival, Zadar will host a number of renowned artists, contemporary dancers, art theoreticians and other lovers of contemporary dance.

As an introduction to the festival, educational platform ‘STREAM Zadar’ that offers specialization and chance for improvement to young dancers through 4 different workshops led by leading experts of contemporary dance has already started this Monday.

Before the festival itself, island Silba will host one of the most influential dance performances  in this part of Europe ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ on August 16th. It’s a performance by Saša Božić and Petra Hrašćanec who performs this awarded solo.

The first performance that will be held after the opening of the festival, on August 20, will be a solo by Sanna Myllylahti ‘I Will Tell You When I’m Ready’. On August 21, French Xavier Le Roya comes to the Zadar’s scene with his solo ‘Self Unfinished’. At the third day of festival visitors can enjoy performance by students of Dance from Zagreb’s Academy of Dramatic Art and after that solo of Magdalena Reiter ‘Close ups’. On Thursday 23rd there’ll be held a show by Matija Ferlin ‘Staging a Play: Antigona’.

The festival will be closed on Friday 24th by a Spanish artist Jesus Rubio Gamo and his solo ‘now, before we get too old’.

You can buy festival tickets at Zadar’s Puppet Theatre, for the main program they cost 35 HRK and for other performances the entrance is free!