World Cup: Croatia Advances to the Final!!!

Great Mario Mandžukić scored in the 109th minute, sent England home and his country to the first World Cup final in the country’s history!

Even though England was slightly more dominant in the first half of the game and scored the first goal in the match, Croatia managed to get back on their feet especially after a score from Ivan Perišić and beat England in the World Cup semi final.

It looked like game would lead to shootouts and make Croatia the first team ever to appear in three shootouts during a single World Cup but luckily Mandžukić scored and make Croatia take the lead in extra time.

It was this goal that sent Croatia to their first ever World Cup final. Croatia now moves on to face the France in the final this Sunday.

Judging by the noise coming from the streets right now Croatians are out of they mind and we will probably continue to celebrate till Sunday, pause for a bit during the game, and then continue to celebrate for days! Congratulations to our guys!!!