17th World Theater Festival in Zagreb

Each September, Zagreb becomes the stage for the biggest stars. Actors and directors from all over the world come to visit and bring presents in form of top performances. The 17th World Theater Festival will be held from 25 September to 1 October, 2019 at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb and this year, it will bring to three foreign performances, including a play directed by Thomas Ostermeier, already known to the Zagreb audience.

“The World Theater Festival has lately been reduced to three performances, since we decided that it was much more interesting to bring in three really high quality performances in this financial poverty than to try to bring as many plays as we can. What is specific about quality performances is that they point out some new trends in European theater and in some ways have actually marked the theater in the last season or in the last two seasons,” said Dubravka Vrgoč, one of the artistic leaders of World Theater Festival.

The first play on the schedule of this year’s festival is ‘An Enemy of the People’ by Henrik Ibsen, directed by fame German director Thomas Ostermeier. The first play will be  followed by the ‘Nachlass’ of the Swiss Rimini Protokoll, which questions the subject of how theater confronts the death in the contemporary world, and the last play will be ‘Breaking the Waves’ of the Danish author Lars Von Trier that appeared twenty-five years after the movie of the same name.

Find out more about the festival on its official website.

Photo source: World Theater Festival Facebook page