Yes, Zagreb Is Definitely Something For Your Bucket List!

Whenever people think of Croatia, they probably think about beautiful cities closer to the Adriatic sea as Dubrovnik, Split or some islands… But Croatia has another pearl in the heart of the country. You probably know, we are talking about our beloved Zagreb. noticed that fact and wrote an article in which they describe why the Croatian capital should be on your European bucket list. So here is the thing…
According to what they say (and we agreed), charming Zagreb is the city you can visit all year around. With many cultural events and museums, it gives you more than just a touristic sightseeing and walking. Cheap food, great restaurants located all around the city, affordable accommodation, are just a few of many benefits which will make you choose Zagreb before Berlin, Vienna or other European cities. :)
We know all these things so we will copy paste link of the article for all of you who don’t know many things about Zagreb. Meanwhile, listen to what we have to say: Before this year comes to its end, prepare your luggage and come to Zagreb! Our town is breathtaking during the Advent. Last year we won an award for the best European Christmas market so do not miss that event if you think about Zagreb at all. You will have an opportunity to try traditional food, enjoy listening to music in each corner of the city center. Our town will give you positive energy and ‘jingle bells’ that will keep you happy for the entire year. Trust us :)