Zadar is the Best European Destination in 2016!

According to the website, a Croatian city, Zadar, is voted the best destination in 2016! Our town won among 20 bigger cities such as London, Paris and Barcelona. After three weeks of voting, this Dalmatian Pearl has left behind many amazing European tourist destinations.

Zadar is a beautiful city, a city full of tradition and modernity. Take a walk along the waterfront and listen to the fantastic sound of the sea organ while watching “the most beautiful sunset in the world” as Alfred Hitchcock said. This incredible city is the city of poets, songs, culture…

Zadar got 288,992 votes; second place went to Athens, third to Plovdiv, followed by Nantes, the Azores, Paris, Novi Sad, Brussels, Kotor,  and the great Milan, while Prague, Rome, Vienna, Madrid and Nicosia were left further behind.