Don’t Miss out on all the Fun, Funky and Educational Tours With ‘Zagreb Be There’ Exploration App

We live in really exciting times! I am sure most of us can remember juggling with all those maps when going on a trip no more than 10 years ago (iPhone had just hit the market and smartphones still weren’t a regular thing), or finding the right quadrant to search your street in that map book – it was tedious! If you are looking for a cool and easy way to meet and greet Zagreb and experience whatever that beautiful city has to offer, do it with the Zagreb Be There mobile app.

Zagreb Be There offers different thematic tours to choose from. You could take the ‘Classic Zagreb’ tour and visit all of those historic landmarks and buildings of Zagreb, or maybe ‘Craft Zagreb’ which will take you on a route dedicated to the vibrant Zagreb craft beer scene if you want to visit and drink some of its finest beers for example.

Few classic tours are here to stay, while others evolve over time and get added and updated according to cultural trends and events in Zagreb. Actually, three tours were added just recently: ‘Craft Zagreb’ (beer lovers, this one is for you), ‘Street Art’ and ‘Great Croats’. Tours/routes are usually thought up and designed by individuals that are influential in that part of the culture or some specific field (Nick Colgan as the founder of Garden Festival and The Garden Brewery designed the craft beer route).

Currently there are seven thematic routes, and besides the three already mentioned, here are other four: ‘Hidden Spots’ – which will take you to some hidden gems of the city (weird, scary and mysterious parts too), ‘New Zagreb’ – some of most notable cultural stuff on the south side of river Sava, ‘Space Explorer’ – the whole Solar System is calculatedly scattered across the city, find all the planets (good thing that Pluto got reclassified as a planet, phew…) and ‘Classic Zagreb’.

Zagreb Be There: 'Space Explorer' tour
Grounded Sun in Bogovićeva street (from ‘Space Explorer’ tour)

The application was awarded the best tourist mobile app on European Festival of tourism promotion – Tourism&Strategy (2015) in Paris. Although it is an app made for tourists, I bet every local deep down inside wants to find the time and finally go out and visit the whole ‘Space Explorer’ tour.

Oh, and the best part is that you can get a discount for the Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb Zoo and other cool stuff if you finish the tour (and have checked-in at all the locations of the tour).

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