Zagreb Biography Dox: From Tennis Icon John McEnroe to Pop Star Kate Nash

Zagreb Dox, in a section of Biography Documentaries, will provide the audience with an interesting insight into the lives of exceptional individuals whose accomplishments, bravery or activism have inspired people across the globe. 

Paul Conroy with Marie Colvin – Under the Wire

This year Zagreb Dox will offer a closer look at two athletic geniuses: the tennis icon John McEnroe, portrayed up close and personal by a completely different sports documentary In the Realm of Perfection, and the climber Alex Honnold, the protagonist of a film about one of the most dangerous endeavours in the history of climbing.

Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl

Two films focus on courageous women: war reporter Marie Colvin is introduced in a documentary Under the Wire, following her last mission, and Underestimate the Girl will reveal what happened with the former pop sensation Kate Nash. The selection also features a film about the Indian Nobel Prize winner and relentless activist for children’s rights Kailash Satyarthi.