Zagreb Campus Cat ‘Mali Ivica’ Features in Campus Cat Book

Mali Ivica (Little Ivica) is the cat that found his home inside the Zagreb Faculty of Engineering and recently, he got an Instagram account that went viral and acquired more than 6000 followers in the first week it was set up. He has been dubbed the FER-cat after the Faculty of Engineering (FER) and now he features in the campus cat book.

The whole story with the campus cat book started in Groningen in Netherlands where campus cat Professor Doerak, in November 2018, received his official student card. To celebrate this event, the University of Groningen Museum hosted an international exhibition dedicated to campus cats from all around the world.

Campus Cats: A collection of campus cats from all around the world

Inspired by the exhibition, Doerak’s family published book Our Campus, Their World in collaboration with Doerak and 19 of his fluffy, cute colleagues from universities such as Harvard, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Essex, Freiburg, Zagreb and Singapore. These cats all have one thing in common: they bring happiness to the educational institutions to which they belong.