Zagreb is a city for… Security! Big guide on How To Feel Safe on Your Croatian vacation

If you decide to rest in Croatia, dear guests, you will feel safe and relaxed. Our country – full of mountains, beaches, islands, and parks – is known as tolerant and open to diversity. There is not a lot of crime; walking during the night is pleasant and romantic but here is some information for even greater safety and enjoyment in Croatia. So today we are going to talk about situations that may occur during your holiday and give you several numbers that will help you in a case of any emergency.

Those who are in Croatia already know that Croats are very friendly people, and they will assist you in many situations. But when you wander around alone, you must be careful – for example in/at the sea, in the mountains, and even in the city where you can get sick or hurt during outdoor activities.

So, while you are in Zagreb, in case you get a cold, fever, a bad flu or some other symptom, get help at the hospital Rebro. If you fall, break a limb or sustain any other trauma, go to the Draškovićeva street. This hospital is unofficially called ‘Trauma’. At the hospital Rebro you’ll find a pediatric ER, and at the KB Dubrava (or “the New Hospital” as locals call it), you will find emergency dental care. If you do not have travel insurance or EU health insurance (or Croatian insurance), you will have to pay, but they will help you immediately. If you do not have transportation, and you need an ambulance (in any city in Croatia), call the emergency number: 112 or Paramedics +385 194. You may need them if you have a close encounter with a jellyfish, crab, sea urchin or experience any other marine trouble that you can not solve yourself… But first ask the locals for advice, because in our country people are very skillful, and they will give you useful information for free.

Let’s move on… sometimes, you might need the police or fire department (for example, if your cat gets stuck in a tree). In that case, remember these two numbers: Fire Department: +385 193; Police Department: 385 192.

We hope you won’t have to use any of these numbers (except taxi, which is 1717 in Zagreb), but let’s think about prevention. If you have finished your city break and you want to go to the mountains, remember 112 in case you need to call the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service. You can use the same number for the assistance at the sea… So, long story short, whenever there is a problem – call 112. Help will be here in a blink of an eye.

Of course, if you’re traveling from sea to land, or you are just passing through our country, do not forget the number of the Roadside assistance (the equivalent of the AA) which is 1987 (+385 1987 from a different mobile network).

If you need to find a pharmacy, or you would like to know the working hours of a store or a certain service, call general information (+385) 11888 and ask for info.

But firstly, as soon as you come to Croatia, make sure that your mobile phone is ready for calls and emergencies!