Zagreb Fair is all About Healthy Living

Zagreb Fair is filled with events this month and upcoming weekend, October 20th to 22nd, is all about Healthy living!

This weekend, Zagreb Fair is hosting multiple trade shows themed with Healthy Living. Healthy Living fair includes:

ORGANICA – healthy food fair, APITERA – beekeeping fair, MYSTIC – alternative living fair, KrONOPLJA – hemp products and industry.
During the same period, Hunting and Fishing Days fair will also take place at Zagreb Fair.

Healthy living fair is all about the application of various ecological products etc. in the Wellness, Health & Fitness industry. Organica will showcase products like healthy and eco food, growing of organic food, medicinal plants, eco market, eco seeds and seedlings etc. in the Natural & Organic industry. Mystic will show more about non-conventional, natural, spiritual and energy methods, healing procedures, crystals, jewelry made of semi-precious stones, border areas of science.

Natural balance, healthy life and the possibility of choosing a conventional or complementary way of life, are the fundamental determinants of this project. Healthy living fairs are experiencing continuous growth with their exhibitions and programmes. The last years’ numbers confirm the statement with more than 250 exhibitors, 16 participating countries and more than 270 hours of lectures, seminars, congresses, workshops, presentations and other forms of education.

The healthy living fair pays close attention to the educational aspect and provides a unique opportunity to learn new things when it comes to increasing the quality of life.

Health is the greatest value of every human being. Choose a healthy lifestyle, learn unconventional methods, become aware of the importance of applying natural products and improving your health.

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