Zagreb is Getting New Colors: Advent in Zagreb 2017

It is almost that time of the year – preparations are in progress with streets and squares getting decorated and being set up for the beautiful Advent time (and stores are already celebrating). It is one of the most charming moments the city has to offer to its people and visitors.

Over the past years, Zagreb managed to get the most amazing reviews and made its way to the top of the list as one of the most beautiful Advent destinations. It’s almost no surprise since there were so many things the City had to offer. Specifically, for two consecutive years, Zagreb’s Christmas market was the top voted destination on European Best Destinations website.

Some of the most beautiful places from past years include Ice Park (ice skating) on King Tomislav square, the decorated Zrinjevac Park with Christmas sweets, food and wine stands, events on Upper town, Christmas markets and many more.

This year will be no different, there will be plenty of things to visit, explore and enjoy. The Zagreb becomes a big stage and hotspots get a bit crowded but the atmosphere never lacks when all the music, smell and warmth reaches your senses.

Visit the official city Advent page for more information