Zagreb is a Host of This Year’s b.creative Conference!

b.creative Conference, that was previously held in Namur, Shanghai and Seoul, will this year be held in Zagreb’s Museum of Contemporary Art on 24 and 25 October, 2019. b.creative network gathers a large number of institutions, associations and entrepreneurs in 116 countries and, as it chose Zagreb as the fourth host of their conference, this will be a great opportunity for local sector representatives to connect with their colleagues from abroad.

The b.creative conference will bring together cultural and creative professionals from around the world and present to the public topics such as financing of the sector, development of creative ecosystems, interdisciplinary innovations, importance of international networking and creative entrepreneurship. b.creative network is a powerful platform that through its various activities as a true “fighter for culture”, with the support of the European Commission, works on networking and visibility of the sector. Lobbying is also an important activity, recognizing that cultural and creative industries, as powerful drivers of the economy, need to be given more attention in the context of government policy making and strategies.

“The creative and cultural industries are extremely important to the development and growth of each country’s economy, as they contribute to the high added value of other economic sectors. And what is particularly important – they have the potential of job creation”, say the organizers of the conference.