Richard Heins: ‘Zagreb is home of good food, fun people and great street art’

oWord or 2 about the city: I have been living in Zagreb since September last year, and I can say that Zagreb is beyond my expectations. I have traveled around the world, I have seen many countries and continents, but I have never been to Croatia. Honestly, I’ve seen every metropolis in Europe, and I have never thought about Zagreb. So why did I move here? Because of love, of course. My girlfriend is from Herzegovina. She moved here last year, for her job. We reunited ‘halfway between the Netherlands and Herzegovina’, so I can tell I moved here to be closer to the love of my life.
Every time I walk around the city, there is always something going on. Zagreb is in the European Union, but on the streets, one can still see and feel the old days. Zagreb is a mixture of Europe and the Balkans; the atmosphere here is close to Berlin but also close to the Balkan mentality. If you ask me, Zagreb is underestimated, so my message to tourists is, come to Zagreb, you won’t regret it.

Things everyone must see in Zagreb: The highlights are the Croatian National Theatre, the most beautiful building in the city. The city center is always crowded and charming; Zagreb has good clubs and amusing nightlife. The art scene is excellent – street art scene, galleries and things like that were a great surprise for me. When in Zagreb, enjoy art!

Few sentences about Croatian food: The food is quite good. It is greasy but good.

Croatian people are: Most of them are kind and polite. The thing I have noticed when I was here only for a month is that some seniors don’t care – they walk everywhere, drive anywhere, they don’t look right or left, but younger people are friendly, polite, fun.

Your plans for the future in Zagreb: I am thinking about starting my job, I am reading about the law, preparing everything because I am thinking about starting something that still don’t exist here in Croatia. So, you know, when you are a foreigner in Zagreb, you need to put more effort in learning where to go, which steps to take, what is allowed… It’s a challenge, the biggest challenge of my life! But I am ready to accept it!