Zagreb Be There and the New, Most Sweetest Route of Them All

Zagreb Be There – a multi-awarding mobile app that makes it easy to get to know the city and discover its beautiful secrets in a new and awarding way is introducing the new Sweetmas Route!

As the name of the route suggests, this Advent the Sweetmas Route, created by master confectioner Petra Jelinić, will take you by the hand and guide you through the best sweet locations the city has to offer. The route includes seven locales/shops where you can try traditional cookies, ice creams, cakes and many other sweet delicacies.

The new route has seven locations on its list: Orijent, Cukeraj, Time, Medenko, 041, Vis à Vis by Vincek and the Korica bakery. Jelena explained why each and every one made it to the list. Orijent is one of the longest-running cake shops in Zagreb, Cukeraj is for those who enjoy a fusion of traditional and rustic cakes, and for those who want a bit more modern environment, there is the hi-tech Time cake shop. In Medenko and 041 cake shops, you can try the lime blossom ice cream and a nice raspberry ice cream respectively. In case you have to be careful about your dietary requirements, there is Vis à Vis by Vincek, and Korica is a bakery which makes bread from authentic ingredients by traditional recipes.

Besides the Sweetmas Route, the Advent in Zagreb route got an update which will take you to Zrinjevac, Fuliranje, Ice Park, Strossmayer walkway, Grič Tunnel and Historic Upper Town.

Check in at locations with #BeThereZagreb hashtag and win prizes! The app is free and is available for Android and iOS. For more information, visit the