Zagreb Premiere of the Verdi’s Troubadour

Opera Troubadour by Giuseppe Verdi, conducted by maestros Marcello Mottadelli and Josip Šego, and directed by Arnaud Bernard, will premiere on February 22 at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb. Five more performances will be held on February 25 and 27 and March 2, 4 and 6.

Romantic love, mortal jealousy, and obsessive desire for vengeance are the driving elements of Verdi’s opera Troubadour, which premiered on 19 January 1853 in Rome. The famous opera was born on the libretto of Salvatore Cammaran, and was formed in four acts. The music of the opera is characterized by beautiful and wild energy and vocals that convey strong emotions, while an exceptionally intricate story abounds in flamboyant passion. Giuseppe Verdi reached peak of musical mastery and the expressive power with Il Trovatore.

Performance ensebmle:

Grof Luna: Lucian Petrean / Ljubomir Puškarić,

Leonora: Lana Kos / Sonja Šarić,

Ines: Željka Martić / Josipa Bilić,

Manrico: Renzo Zulian / Francesco Anile,

Azucena: Dubravka Šeparović Mušović / Sofia Ameli Gojić,

Ferrando: Luciano Batinić / Siniša Štork / Robert Palić,

Ruiz: Tvrtko Stipić / Ivo Gamulin / Damir Klačar,

Old Gypsy: Antonio Brajković / Robert Palić,

Messenger: Mario Bokun / Damir Klačar,

Old Luna: Dušan Gojić,

Napoleon: Antun Brzak

Photo source: Croatian National Theater