Zagreb Takes Away the Title of the Best European Christmas Market Again!

Zagreb is once again the top European destination during the Advent – concluded the European Best Destinations portal. The website collected votes for more than fifty destinations and looks like Zagreb is one of the cities that attract increasingly more tourists.

‘During Advent, Zagreb offers a special atmosphere you just have to experience. An increasing number of tourists decide to visit the capital of Croatia because there is fun for literally everybody. City streets and squares invite you to sing and dance’ writes the European Best Destinations portal.

Besides its capital, Croatia also seems to be gaining friction as an Advent destination with many of its both smaller and bigger cities participating in Christmas fairs and events. They are all offering a top-notch program with delicious food, drinks, decorations, skating rinks and much more. The Advent in Zagreb as well as in many other towns officially started on November 28th and they are all working hard to offer something special just like Zagreb does.

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