ZELENA: Here to Remind Us about Importance Of Recycling

If you find yourself these days in Zrinjevac park you can see installation made of iron that says ZELENA (in English: green). Next to it there is a sign that says “Every bottle makes a difference. Recycling one bottle you saved 84% energy needed to produce one new bottle“. 

It’s important to regularly step back and think about how our everyday actions impact the planet. Right now, there are 150 million metric tons of plastic in our oceans—and we’re releasing an additional 8 million metric tons each year. Plastic pollution exists almost everywhere in the ocean, from the remote seas of the Arctic to the floor of the deep sea. 

Luckily, we can take small steps in our everyday lives to reduce plastic waste and make a big impact on the environment.

It’s still unknown who stays behind this project but we know that this is a good reminder for all of us about importance of recycling.