The 10 Best Instagram Photos of Zagreb (Week 27th of June – 5th of July)

2 Cellos at Tomislav Square, rain, JustZagreb’s 1st Birthday, Sun, crazy fun at Stross promenade, Summer in Zagreb… all these things happened during the last seven days in our city. We were there to celebrate, dance, enjoy, listen… we were everywhere, but we are very, very proud to see that you were all around the city as well. Congrats to you and us! Congrats to locals and guests! Congrats to Zagreb, the happiest town in the globe that has thousands of people who love it! Congrats to summer, congrats to love and tolerance! Spread it all over the Instagram, like you did during the last week with all of these amazing photos.


JustZagreb Team

P.S. Oh, yeah, keep posting #justzagreb on your Instagram photos. We will find you. :)