29th Golden Bear Figure Skating Competition

The figure skating club ‘Medveščak’ is the organizer of a big traditional international figure skating competition ‘Golden Bear’ that will be taking place from October 26 – 29 on Zagreb Fair this year.

The Medveščak skating club is not only the oldest but also the most famous Croatian skating club where today’s most successful Croatian skates and sliders trained. The club was formed under its current name back in 1961. when the first ice skating rink was opened on Šalata.

The 29th traditional Figure Skating competition Golden Bear is a big international competition and for more than 20 years it has been on the event list of International Skating Union.

The club also organizes various activities such as ice skating, roller skating, sports activities and the ‘Maskenbal on Ice’ carnival at the Šalata skating rink, with the aim of popularizing and involving as many children in active sports programs.

The entrance to 29th Golden Bear competition is free.