Punk Folk Wellness Weekend at Tvornica Kulture

Author: Davor Bijelic

“Torzo Dade Topića” latest masterpiece and a fifth studio album of Croatian punk-folk wellness attraction Brkovi will be for the first time promoted live in front of Croatian audience during the following weekend. Double promotion is scheduled for Friday 8th and Saturday 9th April at club Tvornica Kulture where Shamso, Prasac, Tomac and rest of the crew will play songs from their new album including already well-known Seks i droga, Ovce, Utopija, Gljiva and Zemljo moja. “Torzo Dade Topića” was for the first time promoted during their performance in Belgrade last weekend. In front of more than 3000 people Brkovi played the biggest concert since they were formed and new songs were more than well accepted from Serbian audience. Nothing less is expected in Zagreb and judging by the success of their previous albums “Pizda materina”, “Balkanski Esperanto” and “Društvo brkatih mladića” songs from “Torzo Dade Topića” will be performed many times during their future shows.

Tickets are selling fast, and both concerts will probably be sold out. You can still get some for the price of 60 kn at Dirty old shop, Rockmark, Aquarius CD Shop or online via eventim.hr while on the concert day if some left at the club entrance their price will be 70 kn. The show starts at 8.30 pm so try not to miss great opening act by Pero deformero and Sila nečista.