City Tunnels from the World War II to be Opened to Public

An old shelter built in 1943 during the World War II that goes under the beautiful Zagreb Upper Town will soon get another purpose. This tunnel, 350 meters long, three meters wide with the surface of 2240 square meters, will become a tourist attraction. The mysterious passage known as the Gric Tunnel connects Mesnicka and Radiceva streets and it also has four outputs connected with Ilica.


This ‘downtown passage’ that goes under the heart of Zagreb will be opened in 60 days, and it will become a great attraction for tourists, alternative passage to locals and a unique Museum of Zagreb. The reconstruction of the tunnel worth 1,35m kuna and it will be conducted in three phases. The tunnel will be first secured for use; the second phase will include constructing a vertical entrance to the Upper City (one solution is the entry on Gradec and other at Vranicanijeva Square); least but not least is the phase in which the tunnel will become a cultural institution. The work on the tunnel takes place at the same time as the reconstruction of Radiceva street. While Radiceva street is being repaired, the tunnel will get a new lining, floor, drainage system, a new electricity and sound system, entrance to Ilica and a new set of doors by the historical matrices.