‘Aikido for Children 2019’

‘Aikido for Children of Croatia 2019’  event is going to be held on October 26th from 10 am till noon at the Yoshinkan Dojo Center  (Veprička ulica 15) in Sesvete near Zagreb.

The event aims to present the benefits of this unique Japanese martial art to the young individuals as well as to the entire society. Aikido is a skill that can be practiced by children and adults of all ages and which, in addition to its effect on the physical health of the child, has an invaluable effect on the mental and spiritual health of each person.

By applying aikido principles, one encourages non-violent conflict resolution, learns how to relate better to family, friends, animals and nature, and how to keep up with the daily pressures of growing up and school responsibilities.
“At our trainings we develop a friendly environment where we feel the harmony of community and unity and get to know the diversity in the group, which greatly contributes to the successful socialization as well as the development of the highest life skills”, says Vedran Rakinić, the president of the Aikido Yoshinkan Dojo Center.