April Was Brilliant! About 22% More Guests Visited Zagreb

According to the Zagreb Tourist Board figures, 82,945 visitors visited Zagreb in April, and they made 150,863 overnight stays, which in comparison to the April of 2015, represent an increase of 10% in arrivals and 22% in
overnight stays. The majority of the visitors were achieved by the guests from South Korea, followed by those from Italy, Bulgaria, USA, and Germany. In total, from January till April, there were 232,987 visitors who made 438,492 overnights, which represent an increase of 8% in arrivals and 14% in overnight stays. Having in mind the numerous successes our city is constantly achieving in tourism, the Zagreb Tourist Board, in cooperation with the City Office of Education, Culture and Sports, organizes for the 6th year in a row the “Cultural Tourism” project.
This project was initiated in 2010 with the aim of educating young people on the economic importance and significance of tourism. This year, at the Zagreb Puppet Theatre, on May 9th, the following schools will present their final projects: Zagreb Health School, II. School of Economics, School of road Transport, Postal and Telecommunications school and Mechanical engineering and technical school Faust Vrančić. Following the interests of the young population, with the potential that Zagreb has as a tourist destination, the Zagreb Tourist Board expects further continued growth of tourism and economic development of our city.