The Best Museum Website Award Goes to ‘The Museum of Broken Relationships’

It was a really big hit when the museum opened its doors for the first time. Not too long after, it became viral in the region and from there, the idea spread. It is one of those genuinely creative models that spark the curiosity and connect with its visitors.

The museum in Los Angeles won the International Design Communication Award for the best museum website. This international award wants to encourage art organizations to find original and inventive ways of communicating.

The new website was started in November 2016 and with their interactive site, they wanted to create a platform that would serve as a direct expansion of the museum – and they succeeded.

The page is, just like the museum, intended for the people who experienced some interesting emotional experience and are ready to share it with the world, and of course, those that are just looking to feed their curiosity can read anonymous stories of people who once had their heart broken.

Since the launching of the new page, it was visited by more than 120.000 people, mostly from USA, Germany, UK, and Canada. The number of visitors is ever-growing both on the page and in the museum itself.

On 14th of December, the book about the Museum of Broken Relationships is being published too! “Museum of Broken Relationships. Modern Love in 203 Everyday Objects”, a book in which the original authors of the project – Olinka Vištica & Dražen Grubišić, present the selection of items that people donated to their Museum.

If you haven’t already, you can read a few confession stories on their website and maybe visit the museum =)