The Bottle of Truth: Who Drinks the Most Wine In the World? Croats!

According to the American organisation The Wine Institute, Vatican, Andorra and Croatia are the countries where people drink the most wine in the entire world. Each Croat, says TwI, drinks more than 44 liters of red or white heavenly fluid in a year. Croatia is high on the list of 15 countries, and according to what they wrote, the Croatians drink more wine than the French, Portuguese and Italians. The next country which loves to ‘enjoy’ occasional couple of liters of wine is… our neighbor Slovenia. It is shocking that countries that are traditionally associated with wine, such as France and Portugal, are in the fifth and sixth place of the list, and Italy ranked number ten. The Macedonians are in eighth place, the Uruguayans on the twelfth, and the Germans who apparently prefer beer over wine took the last, 15th place. The Germans still drink more wine than the Americans, but no one is good as us. We drink on daily basis. which is not surprising at all since Croatia has 130 indigenous varieties of excellent and worldwide known wines. We are obviously a crucial part of the world wine map, so we won’t hesitate to drink even more. So prepare yourself, because you will drink a lot of wine during your stay in Croatia and Zagreb. Cheers!

Our wines were inspiration for many songs sung by Croatian singers. Listen to some of them: