British ‘Michelin Stars’ Chefs Preparing Croatian Delicacies

The Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) and Great British Chefs (GBC), the leading gastronomic organization gathering over two hundred of the UK’s top chefs, have organized an interactive event in the center of London for leading British media, influencers and leading British eno-gastronomic scene to promote the Croatian cuisine and eno-gastronomy as an important part of the Croatian tourist offer. 

The program was hosted by stars of the British gastronomy scene Francesco Mazzei and Tom Aikens, who both recently visited Croatian destinations where they met the local tradition of preparing traditional dishes. At the event , the award-winning Croatian chef Rudolf Štefan, owner of the restaurant “Pelegrini” in Šibenik and the holder of the Michelin star has also presented himself to the British public. 

Marinated sardines by Aikens

“I am glad that we are able to hold this event in one of my restaurants to share our knowledge and experience about Croatian gastronomy, for now to London public and soon to the whole world, “said chef Mazzei. “Many countries show passion for their gastronomy, but the way Rudi represents Croatian cuisine is unique and truly passionate” concluded Aikens.

Meal prepared by Mazzei

Francesco Mazzei is a significant name for the London restaurant scene and also a TV star who can frequently be seen on the most watched programs of British BBC and ITV. He is a prominent promoter of fresh foods, and with his Italian restaurants in prestigious London neighborhoods, Mazzei often receives the highest ratings by critics. Meanwhile, Tom Aikens is the youngest chef awarded with two Michelin stars, and the owner of a restaurant empire that spans several continents.