BuzzFeed’s List of Reasons Why Visit Croatia

An American Internet media, news and entertainment company based in New York City – BuzzFeed reports 24 reasons why everyone should visit Croatia in their lifetime. BuzzFeed, that was initially focused on fun viral content is known for their lists, videos, and quizzes and, according to this article, they believe you should add Croatia to your bucket list.

Here are the reasons they’ve listed:

  1. Crystal Clear Water -“Croatia doesn’t have many big off-shore industries, and the clear-as-day water shows that off. While each region of Croatia is cool in its own way, the most popular one for vacations is probably Dalmatia, which is the coastal area on the Adriatic Sea, right across from Italy. It includes Dubrovnik and the surrounding islands” the BuzzFeed writes.
  2. Croatia is a backdrop for parts of Game of Thrones and Star Wars 8Although Croatia is most known for these two Hollywood creations, we can think of many more world-known films and series filmed in Croatia.Game-Of-Thrones-Cast-
  3. Rich history – “Dalmatian history stretches all the way back to the 2nd century BC. One of the most popular historical sites is Dubrovnik’s City Walls, which surround the center of the city — called the Old Town — and were built back in the 7th century. The walls, which today are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are often referred to as one of the greatest protection systems of the Middle Ages”.
  4. Boats galore
  5. Numerous swimming spots – It seems like BuzzFeed is especially thrilled about random swimming spots. There aren’t many sandy beaches but you have ladders scattered all around our coast.
  6. Cliff-jumping
  7. Beyoncé and Jay-Z may or may not have come up with the name Blue Ivy WHILE AT a coastal bar in Hvar – Well, we cannot guarantee this.
  8. Cute alleyways
  9. Suitable for cycling – The best way to explore Croatia’s stunning landscape is probably by bike.
  10. Hiking
  11. Abandoned villages – Especially interesting if you’re coming from a big town.
  12. Affordable acoomodation – “Rental apartments are quite popular in Dalmatia. You can find them for around $25 a night. All of the sharing economy biggies — Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, etc. — operate in Croatia, so that’s the best way to find a rental. Hostels are also a good option in Dalmatia” says BuzzFeed.
  13. Delicious cuisine – Croatia is known for fresh seafood, homemade pasta and local cheese, and tasty street food. Just couple of days ago, five Croatian restaurants got the Michelin star.
  14. Wine and fruity liqueurs – The wineries in the interior of the country produce mostly white wine, while the wineries along the Dalmatian coast cultivate mostly red. Many Croatians produce their own fruity liqueurs, made from wine or fermented fruit juice, and rakija, which is made from various local fruits and herbs.
  15. Magical sunsets
  16. Stunning countryside

The rest of reasons include locals, nature and fresh air and crafty souvenirs, but if you want to check the original list you can click here. We would just like to add one thing BuzzFeed forgot – the beautiful capital city!