How To Survive in Zagreb: Hrelić, Fake Honey and Tons of Bird Poop

So the idea was to buy a bicycle since the weather is pleasant. My friends told me that Hrelić is what I am looking for. On a sunny Saturday morning, we decided to go and check it out. The market is placed in the bank of Sava river in the south-east direction of Bundek Lake. We had to walk a lot, since we didn’t know the exact location, and we got off the bus too early. Finally, we saw some signs of “the Market” There were tons of people selling every gadget you could imagine. Old raisers, books, shoes, clothes, coins, old cutlery, knives, phones, headphones, but nooooo bike nowhere – that I could see from the first sight. I left it behind and enjoyed the variety of the gadget market of the day. I saw an old man with some bottles there that looked like honey. I was asking him the price he told me 30 kunas. Which made me euphoric, so I immediately bought it. At home I tried it, it had an excellent orange juice taste, but slightly, anyway I was still hoping that I am super healthy eating super honey for a super good price till I brought a small amount to my college who used to deal with honey…yes…it’s some fake honey, I’m still super healthy and had a super good price, but not for a super honey. 2 out of 3…not that bad. I am still wondering about the bike, but maybe I have to go another day to check it out. Anyway, Hrelić is great!


The other adventure in April was which I call the bird poop series. It started on our wall painting project with Pimp My Pump. They are great guys who paint pumps, walls, trash bins everything. It is worth to check their work! I love their new trash bins with sunglasses, find them around the city… But what is much better it’s our wall between InBar and Roko at Jarun (near Stjepan Radić dormitory also known as Sava Student Center). We ended the wall painting project with a music and chilling afternoon. The guys painted Zagi giving the torch to Hrki, kids came to play and enter a drawing contest, and a freestyle football player did a performance. The drawing contest went so well, that at the end not only the kids were on the floor but everyone.



So do you see the 2 blue flags…this is exactly the place where I got the first attack. It was just a slight poop part that was accidentally falling on my head while I was putting together them under the tree. The next attack was on the way to Billa, which is close to Stjepan Radić dormitory. After an ice cold Velebitsko on the Jarun we wanted to buy some food. This time, they couldn’t miss me not at all, the whole shit came on my right leg, left shoes, shoulder, and T-shirt. Of course, we didn’t have any tissue to clean it, but I got after the 4th try from a nice girl. None of the people were carrying tissue that day. The last and so far final attack was next to the bus station. There is one tree on the way to the tram 3 stop, only one tree, with maybe several birds that were waiting for me to pass by and poop again on me. Another fresh greenish-whitish sh.t arrived on my clothes and hand.

reka copy

A nice guy was giving immediately some tissues and assuring me that I will be super lucky soon (Croatian believing says: ‘If a bird poop on you, that means a good luck’).

My luck arrived in Sarajevo, but that is another story to tell…