‘Cash and Carry’ Sales Exhibition of Art Students

Croatian Association of Artists, Croatian Post Bank (HPB) and Academy of Fine Arts of University of Zagreb are organizing a sales exhibition by the students of Croatian Arts Academy named Cash and Carry. The exhibition will be held at Bačva Gallery at the Home of Croatian Artists alongside with ArtOmat- unconventional art fair, from 17th till 23rd of December.

Around 40 students from Art Academies of Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka and Široki Brijeg are going to present and sell their work. The sales exhibition aims to create new opportunities for young prospective artists, enable an irreplaceable experience of presenting and selling their own works to the general public and motivate students to develop their creativity and of course support young artists financially.

During a seven-day event, visitors will be able to buy student works at a reasonable price and be sure to bring valuable piece of art, whose value will surely rise in the coming years, to their homes.