Croatian National Theatre Records a Steady Increase in Number of Visitors – Reserve Your Tickets on Time

In only a few days at the beginning of November, the Croatian National Theatre sold more than 10000 tickets!

Upon the completion of season pass enrollment for the year 2017/2018, the Croatian national theatre noticed an increase in demand compared to last year. A total of 4023 subscriptions were bought, which is a 20% increase compared to the last season.

The ballet shows ‘The Nutcracker’ and ‘Swan Lake’ as well as drama ‘One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away’ were completely sold out from November 2nd to 4th. In the same period, a significant number of tickets were sold for all performances by the end of January next year: La Boheme, Messrs. Glembay, Three Winters, Gospel and Nikola Šubić Zrinjski. The first adaptation of Kristian Novak’s novel Gypsy, but the most beautiful, directed by Ivica Buljan, already provoked great public interest and almost all January’s performances have already been sold out.

So just as a heads up, if you are interested in seeing performances in Croatian National Theatre, reserve your tickets on time.