David Lynch Films Week at Tuškanac Cinema

September at Tuškanac cinema starts with a week full of David Lynch films, a director who is considered to be one of the greatest living heirs of the of surrealism and expressionism tradition, whose works of rich associativity regularly move the boundaries between fantasy and reality, banal and strange, disturbing and pleasant, grotesque and idyllic.

Equally adept at crafting more classic films (The Elephant Man, The Straight Story), as well as modernist masterpieces narrated by the logic of a dream (Eraserhead, The Lost Road, Mulholland Drive, Inland Empire), Lynch makes for an unforgettable sensory experience with everything he does, offering us new interpretive possibilities with every re-watching.

Films will be screened at Tuškanac cinema from 2 to 8 September, 2019. The first one on the list is Mulholland Drive (2001) this Monday at 7 pm while on Tuesday you can watch Eraserhead (1977) also starting at 7 pm. Two films are scheduled for the Wednesday, The Elephant Man (1980) at 7 pm and The Straight Story (1999) at 9:15 pm. On Thursday Tuškanac will show Lost Highway (1997) at 7 pm, on Friday Blue Velvet (1986) at 7 pm and on Saturday Wild at Heart (1990) will start at 7 pm and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992) at 9:15 pm. The cycle ends on Sunday with the screening of Inland Empire (2006) at 7 pm. Ticket price is 20 kuna.

Photo source: Kino Tuškanac Facebook