Didgeridoo Masterclass in Croatia 2019

Croatian-based didgeridoo musician and composer and one of the most revered didgeridoo performers in the world Dubravko Lapaine will give his 2nd masterclass this summer, from August 22nd to 25th, at a cozy rural house called Kezele, just an hour away from Zagreb.

Lapaine invites didgeridoo fanatics from around the world to join this training super-camp and explore the art of didgeridoo playing. Lapaine himself is known for developing new ways of playing and combining different music genres, varying from ancient trance, meditative experimental, power ambient, ethereal Balkan minimalism, earth and cosmic beat, heavy melodic drone, solo orchestral, and even spiritual space metal.

For more information on masterclass and application check the Didgeridoo Masterclass page.

Photo source: Dubravko Lapaine Facebook page