Discover: Zagreb City Museum

Zagreb City Museum was founded by the Brethren of the Croatian Dragon Society in 1907. In the ninetieth year of its existence, 1997, the Museum opened what was only its sixth permanent exhibition, for the first time in restored and appropriate premises, making use of the state of the art in contemporary museum technology. The exhibition shows the past of the City of Zagreb, from prehistory, traces of which were recently uncovered under the very building of the museum itself, to the present day. The permanent exhibition is built around the objects that the Museum possesses. A modern approach to the creation and visualisation of the life of the city has led us to link the objects with the social context in which they once had their being.

The permanent exhibition gives a portrait of the city in all of its aspects, showing it in the light of politics, the church, history, economics and business, town-planning and architecture, the history of art and literature, entertainment, and everyday life.

Address: Opatička 20, Zagreb;

The museum is open:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

The museum is closed on holidays: New Year’s Day, 1 January; Epiphany, 6 January;

Easter and Easter Monday; International Labour Day, 1 May; Corpus Christi;
Anti-Fascist Resistance Day, 22 June; Statehood Day, 25 June;
Victory Day and National Thanksgiving Day, 5 August; Assumption, 15 August;
Independence Day, 8 October; All Saints’ Day, 1 November; Christmas Holidays, 25/26 December

Entrance fee:
Adults KN 30.00
Groups (10 or more persons): KN 20.00 per person
Pupils, students, retired and disabled persons KN 20.00
Groups of pupils, students and retired persons (10 or more persons) KN 15.00 per person
Families (with children under 15) KN 50.00
Entrance fee for temporary exhibitions KN 10,00
Audio guide KN 20.00