Duvec – the delicious Croatian ratatouille

There is a subtle distinction between the two traditional dishes – Duvec and Sataras. It depends on ingredients, but it is very similar. Although the dish that we present today many might recognize as Sataras, in our ‘kitchen’, because of the rice in it, we call it The veggie Duvec (it can also be cooked with pieces of meat in it).
This dish is ideal for summer days. You can serve it as a main dish or with other food. It’s healthy, nutritious and tasty, so soon as you read this recipe step away from the computer and grab you cooking spoon. The cooking may start! 

Ingredients (without meat):

– One and a half of onion;
– Three peppers;
– Three tomatoes;
– Some oil;
– If you want, you can put garlic as well;
– Rice
– Spices: salt and pepper.

Wash the vegetables, peel and remove the seeds. Chop onions and place them in a pot, in the pre-heated oil. Sauté the onions, and when they turn yellowish put peppers in. After ten minutes add tomatoes. Cook all for about ten minutes, but add a little water and rice in the meantime. Make sure that the food doesn’t dry off, it has to be juicy. Keep it on for about 20 minutes, until the rice becomes soft and put some spices. If you are satisfied with the taste, cook for ten more minutes, and serve.

Quantity of meal increases with the number of people who join in to eat but if you follow the advice that ‘number of tomatoes and peppers must be equal’ everything else will be okay. Enjoy! :)