Enjoy LADO Ensemble Concerts From Home

While nothing can replace direct contact between audience and artists, LADO Ensemble will remain connected with fans of traditional art during the coronavirus pandemic. On its YouTube channel, LADO Ensemble released videos of concerts that can be watched from home. This makes it possible for many to see the 2018 Lent concert from the Zagreb Cathedral where LADO performed the „Tears of Our Lady“ program.

Besides Lent concerts, LADO’s YouTube channel includes videos of popular evening dance concerts performed in the last four years, including the „Let the Sun Shine on Everyone“ program performed for LADO’s 70th anniversary as well as „Anthology I“ and „Anthology II“ birthday concerts.


The videos will remain available on LADO’s YouTube channel for your enjoyment, which will help you stay connected with Croatian folklore. Some of LADO’s concerts are also available at HRTi digital platform and you can follow LADO on social networks Facebook and Instagram!