ESF Approved the Project “stART”: Art for Better Quality of Life of People Over the Age of 54

European Social Fund (ESF) has just approved a project by Croatian Association of Visual Artists (HDLU) named Art for Better Quality of Life of People Over the Age of 54 – stART. 

Their aim is to provide direct experience of interaction with contemporary artists, members of HDLU, to the people over the age of 54 through different artistic and cultural activities including media of paintings, drawings, textiles, performances, video and computer art and in that way to contribute to social inclusion and recognition of elderly people’s potential in public. The project also aims to improve the competences of involved artists for working with third-generation people through the methods of artistic mediation.

Participants of the project will be a heterogeneous group of long-term unemployed, recently retired and retired people in homes for the elderly and it will run from January 2019 to January 2020.The results will be presented at an exhibition at the Gallery Prsten in January 2020 and documented in the catalog and video about the project.