European Square: The Warmest Gathering Place of Advent

The Advent period in Zagreb starts on Saturday, November 30 and its start will be marked also at the European Square, where the popular EU Advent will officially kick off with the gig of the electro-acoustic pop band Detour.

Recognized for its quality and urban program, the EU Advent will again this year provide a refreshing offer in Zagreb, every day from November 28th to January 8th 2020. Take a stroll through the streets of Zagreb this Christmas and discover this location with different gastronomic, cultural and entertaining content. Enjoy the winter flavors, unavoidable mulled wine and the new concept of social gathering – Social Grilling, in the hottest corner of the city.

The backbone of the program consists of Saturday’s live concerts by the local bands and musicians such as Detour, Luce, Elijah Ludwig and Meritas, as well as the British electronic band Crazy P. The concerts will start at 9 pm, and those who arrive a bit earlier will be warmed up by the great Valentino Božić and Sanjin Kaštelan. Do not miss the Silent Disco on Fridays, and Kontrapunkt & Imogen on Sundays with gigs by famous DJs Dus, Elijah Rudman, Eddy Ramich, Alen S, Antonio Zuza and Zak.

Along with the most exciting music, every day from 5 PM the European Square will be filled with good vibes by the personalities from the city’s culture and entertainment scene, such as Nik Oroši, Rujana Jeger, Davor Frajman, Marin Stiv Viduka, Alen Kosanović, Marijan Felver and their guests. Also, the Zagreb based radio station Yammat FM will have its Advent Studio right on the European Square, from which their program will be broadcasted in prime time. There are also the traditional Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties with electronic music treats.

If you are into interesting questions and good rewards, you will be able to turn on the Advent Quiz mode on Wednesdays from 7pm under the baton of Silvije Pleština and his right-hand man, DJ and music editor Davor Frajman. For those who nurture good style, the pop-up barber shop Salon, a renowned Zagreb vintage corner with top service under the direction of Mark Stanzl, will be open on Mondays and Saturdays. On Thursdays and Fridays, MAC Cosmetics will turn the EU Advent into the brightest spot in the city – a Glitter bar where professional make-up artists will make you look gorgeous with a little help of sequins, stars and glitters.

The children’s program includes an eco-workshop entitled “Not Every Waste is Garbage”, a Brick by Brick building workshop with an innovative Croatian toy brand, fun English learning workshop with Helen Doron English for children and a charity toy market organized by the Ivanićgrad Toy Festival.

Under the thousand hearts that will embellish the European Square, a charity event called Upletimo se (Let’s Get Knitted In) will take place on December 7th. Within the event a Christmas tree made entirely of wool by thousands of people from across Europe will be presented and some blankets for the homeless people will be symbolically handed out to the representative of the NGO Fajter. This verya event is a part of the program dedicated to European cooperations, organized under the auspices of the Zagreb Tourist Board.