Exhibition: ‘At the Border’ by Josip Tirić

The exhibition On the Border by Josip Tirić will open on Friday, November 30th at 8 pm at the Gallery Forum (Teslina 16).

Josip Tirić was born in 1982, and belongs to the generation of painters who, under the influence of the German neoexpressionist from the 1980s and the Leipzig – Dresden School of the 1990s and 2000s, turned to figuration. His paintings stand out with strong expressiveness, and the theme itself suggests wars or variations on human conflict. However, Tirić doesn’t present specific wars or comments on a historical or current political crisis.

He graduated from the School of Applied Art and Design in Zagreb and in 2007 from the Academy of Fine Arts (ALU) in Zagreb in the class of Professor Zlatko Keser. He is the winner of the Academy of Fine Arts Award in Zagreb for the most successful diploma in academic year 2006/2007. Tirić had several group and solo exhibitions, mostly in Zagreb. 

The exhibition stays open until December 22nd.