Exhibition: Croatian Fascination with Ancient Egypt

Exhibition Egypt in Croatia: Croatian Fascination with Ancient Egypt opened yesterday, on September 20, at the Museum of Mimara in Zagreb. The exhibition is realized in collaboration with a number of museums and scientific institutions that explore Ancient Egyptian history and art, and their influence and links with Croatian culture and social heritage.

Egypt in Croatia brings an unique overview of Egyptian art kept in Croatian museums and private collections, revealing thousands of years of connection between Croatia and Egypt. It follows the presence of Ancient Egyptian civilization in Croatia from the 1st millennium BC to the modern days through 21 thematic topics divided into 60 panels.

Visitors will be able to see numerous photographs, historical maps, drawings, artefacts, publications and four films (two family films from the 1930’s and two documentaries Hramovi oteti Nilu from 1962 and Tajna Haulikove mumije from 2012). Visitors will be also able to search the internet database “Croato-Aegyptica” which contains Egyptian artefacts from more than 40 museums and private collections in Croatia.

The exhibition will be opened until October 14th 2018.