Exhibition Opening: Fashion and Clothing in Zagreb in the 1960s

Exhibition Fashion and Clothing in Zagreb in the 1960s opens in the Zagreb City Museum on 26 February at 7 pm and stays open until 19 May 2019.

The exhibition is a result of the planned collection of materials for the Collection of fashion, fashion accessories and textiles of the Zagreb City Museum. Fashion and clothing items in the fundus do not only meet aesthetic criteria, but illustrate history and everyday life of the second half of 20th century.

Students of the School of the Textile Industry, around 1960

“Fashion is a product of time, the reflection of social, political, economic and cultural movements, so the clothes can not be seen out of context. We also tried to present the fashion influences of the 1960s, the process of creation and production of garments and the ways of placing it on the market,” the authors of the exhibition explain.

Photo source: The Zagreb City Museum