Explore Zagreb: Get your tour wristband today and just follow the pigeon!

The summer is back in the city and Zagreb Bar – Tour is very hot.  A group of silly entertainers will ensure that you have an unforgettable night out, unlimited fun, but also that you meet and hang out with other tourists visiting Zagreb as well as local, younger people. So choose this interesting, pigeon tour. Why?

You will experience Zagreb in the company of your best friends.  You will see Zagreb’s finest locations, meet new people, be the part of a local community! Experience the city trough local habits, cool places, urban slang and much more! Make pigeons your hosts, and go on the ‘Pigeon Tour’. We are sure that you will have the best time you could possibly have in Zagreb.
Checkpoint: The clock at the ban Jelacic Square, at 9 pm.
Go to the centre, get your tour wristbands and always follow the pigeon! The ticket/wristband is 10 euro (free shots included).

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