Festival of Lights – An Audiovisual Spectacle at the Heart of Zagreb

Festival of lights, an event that will for the second time brighten up the atmosphere and greet the coming of spring, is coming to Zagreb from March 15th to 18th!

Using the city’s landscape as a playground for its installations, the festival of lights will illuminate the city center at about 20 different locations. Each location will amaze and tell its own story through design, architecture and projected light art.

The events are located in and around the city center, and during the three-day festival, the exhibits will be opened from 6 pm to 11 pm. This year, the programme will include some of the installations from last year, and quite a few new ones.

For a full list of attractions and their locations, visit www.festivaloflightszagreb.com. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary city-wide lightning spectacle!