Franjo Tuđman Airport Celebrates Its 2nd Anniversary

Zagreb Franjo Tuđman Airport marks the second anniversary of the opening of the new passenger terminal. One of the most “up-to-date” and latest airports in Europe has opened its door in the spring of 2017.

The last two years were marked with achieving the passenger and cargo records, the introduction of new lines and airline tickets, positive results of passenger satisfaction surveys and awards. Today, regular air traffic of Zagreb airport has a total of 30 airlines that links the Croatian capital with 46 destinations in Croatia, Europe and the world. Zagreb is connected to many European centers – Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Munich, Paris and Vienna, and in intercontinental traffic with Doha, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Seoul and Toronto.

In the past five years, since the beginning of the concession period, Zagreb Airport recorded a 45% increase in traffic and is continuously expanding its network.